Protection of rights of individuals and businesses in the creative industry is as important as protecting the rights for technology and other IP areas. Every ingenious inventor, artisan or a specialist is enthusiastic about preserving the uniqueness and originality of his innovation. India is a land of diversified culture with artists from all over the country consuming their midnight oil to bring out something unique and creative for the masses. This promotes and helps build a creative culture in the country. The advent of social media and other mediums has allowed the creators to have a wider audience reach and publish their work on a global platform. This makes their work susceptible to infringement as there are many forces that may take advantage of the current scenario. Protection and enforcement of copyrights in this digital age presents a far greater challenge than one can imagine. It is needless to say that granting protection to creative works and ideas is more prominent than ever and calls for copyright laws to be even strict than before.

The Indian copyright law has experienced a number of amendments in the last few decades. The dawn of the digital age has led to increase in exposure for multiple individuals and businesses and individuals to showcase their talents and abilities to the whole world. This has prompted several amendments in the copyright law for strengthening enforcement and providing robust protection. There have been several landmark rulings which have been inconsequential in bringing new reforms and changes in the Indian copyright law. Being a tier 1 IP firm, L S Davar & Co. usually represents these high-profile copyright cases in courts and has learned various lessons from the rulings. On the same lines, L S Davar & Co. keeps track of all the amendments in the Copyright Act which is referred to while enforcing copyrights in front of the Indian Copyright Office.

From our year of origin in 1932 till the present, we have average client retention of more than 50 years in copyright enforcement work. Our clients have been working regularly with our copyright department for more than 60 years. Presently, our copyright department consists of more than 10 copyright attorneys. With an average work experience of more than 15 years, they are from top institutes of India. We understand that the copyright attorneys need to be consistently prepared to not only keep up with the fast-evolving copyright ecosystem but also to excel in the field in every way possible. In our endeavour to provide the best services to our customers, we train our copyright attorneys monthly to further enhance their knowledge base and skills and for a greater understanding of their responsibilities.

Our end to end copyright-related services include:

  • Copyright filing and registration;
  • Copyright prosecution and enforcement;
  • Copyright cancellation proceedings; and
  • Copyright licensing and assignment.

We employ effective strategies for implementing the tools and processes that generate the best results at a fair and transparent cost for your business or organization. We follow well-defined processes within the team as well as the Indian Copyright Office and are consistently working to reach new heights. We possess the ability to handle voluminous work without compromising an inch on the quality of the delivery levels.