In this era of globalization, India has turned out to be the world’s fastest developing consummation-based economy. All the top notch growth-based companies in the world are entering India. At the same time, India provides a conducive environment for all types of goods and services businesses. This has led to an increase in healthy competition in all business sectors. To ensure the growth of the Indian economy and promote healthy competition, there has been a consistent need to impart strong trademark protection to businesses. In the last two decades, Indian trademark laws have enabled large MNCs as well as Indian origin companies to thrive in this competitive environment by evolving consistently.

The Indian trademark law has gone through various amendments. Several litigation rulings by the Indian courts have paved the way for overall improvement and strengthening of the Indian Trademark landscape. Being a tier 1 IP firm, L S Davar & Co. usually represents these high-profile trademark litigation cases in courts and learns the best practices from the rulings. On the same lines, L S Davar & Co. keeps track of all the amendments in the Trademark Act which is referred to while prosecuting trademarks in front of the Indian Trademark Office.

From our year of origin in 1932 till the present, we have average client retention of more than 30 years in trademark prosecution work. Our clients have been working regularly with our trademark department for more than 50 years. Presently, our trademark department consists of 25 trademark attorneys. With an average work experience of more than 13 years, they are from top institutes of India. We understand that the trademark attorneys need to be consistently prepared to not only keep up with the fast-evolving trademark ecosystem but also to excel in the field in every way possible. In our endeavour to provide the best services to our customers, we train our trademark attorneys monthly to further enhance their knowledge base and skills and for a greater understanding of their responsibilities.

Our end to end trademark-related services include:

  • Conducting Trademark Search and Providing Opinion;
  • Handling Trademark Application filing in India and across the globe;
  • Handling Trademark prosecution and trademark renewals for India, US, and Europe and facilitating prosecution through associates across the globe;
  • Providing Trademark Watch Services;
  • Handling Trademark Oppositions for India;
  • Handling all types of trademark litigation cases in various courts of India; and
  • Providing a single point of contact for trademark portfolio management for more than 25 neighboring countries.

We employ effective strategies for implementing the tools and processes that generate the best results at a fair and transparent cost for your business or organization. We follow well-defined processes within the team as well as the Indian Trademark Office and are consistently working to reach new heights. We possess the ability to handle voluminous work without compromising an inch on the quality of the delivery levels.