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L.S. Davar for Enterprises

Enterprises are considered as top drivers of the economy of a nation owing to the innovative culture imbibed in them and the extensive amount of investment that goes in research and development. Protection of IP is imperative for Enterprises in the long run for commercial exploitation which does not come without bringing any challenges. LS Davar understands these challenges and concerns faced by the In-house IP counsels.


a) Reliability :

Reliability is typically associated with Tier I and Tier II firms. LS Davar has worked with more than 100 Enterprises in India and globally. Enterprises working with smaller law firms may fall as a victim to some uncontrollable circumstances. These smaller law firms may not be viable business wise or a passing away of an important member causes the operations of these law firms to cease. L.S. Davar being a Tier I law firm and having existed for more than 90 years has always managed their way around these scenarios and ensure the IP process for these enterprises is not affected.


b) Fair and Transparent Pricing :

Having transparency in dealing goes a long way in building trust among two entities which ensures a long term and fruitful partnership. Big law firms provide arbitrary and hidden charges to the Enterprises which do not bode well in the long run. LS Davar believes in providing fair and transparent pricing for all IPR related matters and values the importance of maintaining trust for long term partnership.


c) IP Expertise :

LS Davar is a home to more than 100 attorneys in different IPR sectors. LS Davar’s knowledge rich professionals are well versed with laws and rules dating back to nearly 90 years. Law firms with 8-10 years of existence do not possess the kind of scale and knowledge and reasons for the various governments coming up with their respective laws, rules and certain amendments.


d) High Quality Commitment :

Quality of work sets the tone in the long run when it comes to executing and delivering work on a consistent basis. LS Davar takes great pride and understands the value of delivering high quality work within tight deadlines. LS Davar professionals are well equipped in handling voluminous work without compromising on the quality.