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Law firms are always on the look-out for mutually beneficial partnerships with other law firms in foreign jurisdictions to cater to the needs to their clients. LS Davar has gained stellar reputation throughout the years for its ability to always rise on the occasion. With a rich history dating back nearly 9 decades, LS Davar has time and time again delivered the best in class services for their foreign law firm partners in over 145 jurisdictions. At the same time, LS Davar understood and has been successful in standing up to the challenges faced by the foreign law firms doing business in India and other countries. Some of the value adds are as follows:

1. Prompt Response :
Each and every attorney at LS Davar understands the need for maintaining consistent communication with other law firm personnel. We value the fact that sending timely notifications and responding to communications on time goes a long way in building trust and convenience for the foreign partners. Attorneys at LS Davar typically revert to emails from foreign partners or forward any communication from their home patent office to foreign partners within an average time span of 12 hours. Our on-time reporting system helps to keep our associates well abreast with the recent developments of their client’s cases.

2. Quality Prosecution :
LS Davar understands the tactics and the need for their clients to get grants for different IPRs to get ahead of their competition in the domestic and international market. Being home to over 100 attorneys in different IPR domain, LS Davar has been reliable and able to carve out their niche when it comes to handling prosecution of IPR cases in India. LS Davar has successfully managed innumerable patent, trademark and design cases in India owing to the exceptional knowledge and experience of their attorneys. Not just that, our attorneys have a proven track record and have been able to take voluminous number of cases to its logical conclusion by efficiently coordinating with examiners in different IPR offices. 

3. Knowledge :
LS Davar’s knowledge rich professionals are well versed with laws and rules dating back to nearly 90 years. Law firms with 20-30 years of existence do not possess the kind of scale and knowledge. Attorneys at L S Davar not only understand the amendment in any law but also understand the logic behind the amendment in laws and rules. LS Davar conducts live online conferences and provides brief and detailed presentations to their foreign law firm partners for keeping them aware about the latest developments or amendments in the Indian Patent Law. LS Davar keeps consistent tabs of the latest amendments in the Indian Patent Law and instantly adopts the latest practices to make life easier for their clients and foreign law firm partners.

4. Fair Pricing Policy :
LS Davar believes in complete transparency when it comes to charging our associates. LS Davar understands the value of being crystal clear in terms of pricing for building a long and fruitful partnership with foreign law firm partners. LS Davar provides a fair and transparent pricing policy at each stage of any IPR related activity.