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Build your strategic IP Portfolio.

L.S. Davar for Startups - Build your strategic IP Portfolio

Having worked with more than 500 funded tech startups, LS Davar understands that start-up founders are faced with several challenges including protecting the IP of their startups. L S Davar understand the challenges faced by startup founders while protecting their IP 
a) Time :
In general, startup founders/CTOs/CPOs do not have the luxury of time to pen down everything related to their technical innovations. The stakeholders do want to file a lot of patents but jotting down each and every details becomes nearly impossible.  At the same time, the traditional law firms send them abstruse and ambiguous Invention Disclosure Form which the stakeholders avoid filling it. Realizing that time is of paramount importance, LS Davar works as an in-house IP team for start-ups and use one of its kind proprietary process in which the start-up stakeholders don’t have to write even a single line, thereby saving a lot of their time. 
b) Raise Valuation :
Startups are always on the lookout for funding from investors and LS Davar realizes the role of IP in the process. LS Davar offers a unique value proposition for startups and helps them raise their valuation by identifying and protecting their innovations and developing their IP portfolio. Additionally, we help them build their IP portfolio strategy so they can own their technological or trademark landscape.
c) Cost :
Startups usually get charged higher as they have very less  knowledge regarding the cost of different IPR related activities. Also, paying hourly charges to lawyers is certainly not the ideal way to go about things for them. LS Davar offers fixed price contracts and clients need not worry about hourly lawyer charges and state wise charges.
d)  Notifications :
LS Davar ensures that startup founders get timely email notifications related to different aspects of IPR and are well aware about the status of their IP portfolio and what actions need to be taken by them.